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Human Resources Vs. Company Resources

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Human Resources vs. Company Resources

As an employee in corporate America I’ve pondered the Human Resources question numerous times: Is HR really Human Resources or Company Resources? When employees have management, co-worker or job duties problems Human Resources should be the department to address concerns. Human Resources should create a trusting atmosphere allowing to confide the details of dilemmas/issues and assist in a win /win outcome for both sides.

My dealings with Human Resources have been the exact opposite. Confidence was thrown out the window and trust a thing of the past. The “Human” factor in Human Resources has been removed, deleted and brushed aside. It is now sadly a department to protect the company and not the employee. What happened to the good old days when HR was called “Personnel”? Personnel was always personable and caring. Well, it just goes to show you how far we have come in Corporate America from being a ‘person’ working for a company to an ‘employee / resource number’ that’s disposable.

Am I mistaken?